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by | Apr 12, 2022 | Blog

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your vehicle in the eyes of prospective buyers or simply want your ride to shine, getting your car thoroughly cleaned, or detailed, has many benefits. Beyond the economic and aesthetic benefits, however, detailing your car on a regular basis can also help to extend its life by removing corrosive materials from the body and mechanicals.

You may not have enough time to give your vehicle the attention it requires. Car detailing services might be just what you need, particularly if you’re thinking about selling your car and want to increase its value. Detailing the vehicle is not like standard cleaning. As the name implies, it focuses on every detail of a vehicle, ensuring that everything inside and outside is clean.

When selling a used car there is a four-point scale that is used to grade its condition. Depending on whether your car has been dented, scratched, chipped, or even professionally cleaned will determine if it falls into Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor condition.

“Just one or two imperfections can lower your car’s rating from Good to Poor” warns automobile experts from 12VoltCustoms, “So getting a car detailed before selling can improve your car’s rating and make it more attractive to buyers”.


Good Condition

It’s important to regularly clean your vehicle to keep it looking great. If you want your car to have that showroom look, you’ll need to have it detailed properly. A vehicle that looks nice will sell for a higher price. When purchasing used cars, buyers notice the condition of the car first.

Prestige Auto Body offer detailing for both the inside and outside of your car. You can opt for simple improvements by getting a professional hand wash, buff, polish, wax or steam cleaning or completely overhaul your vehicle by getting paint protection and correction to remove all the external scratch marks.

A simple way to improve the interior of your car is to take proper care of it’s upholstery. Detailing your car can refresh fabric and leather seats so the potential buyer will be more interested in looking into the car to purchase.

Once your vehicle is detailed any photos you take of your car to sell it will be better received by buyers so you can enjoy more attention on your ad. A good detail will also leave your car smelling great which is super important for being looking for a new vehicle.

“If you want to avoid Tyre kickers or hagglers a detail is a perfect way to get the upper hand in a deal” explains the negotiation experts from Close Consulting, “People are far more likely to agree with your price if they can’t point out any flaws in your offer”



Different weather conditions can cause your vehicle to rust. Rust is a huge issue and is a deal killer when buying a used car. Frame rust can ruin the integrity of your car and if it gets bad enough it can even cause cracking. Rust can compromise your safety and lessen your car’s ability to protect you in a crash. During a car detailing wax can be applied to your car to protect it from rust.

“Wax repels water which will keep your car exterior rust-free longer” explains expert Bilal Dundar.

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