One is to take a test drive, and the other is to take out a short term rental on the car you are considering purchasing. Each of these choices has its own advantages and disadvantages. A test drive is free, which makes it more attractive to many drivers. A rental can cost quite a bit of money, even if you only rent the luxury car in question for a week or a few days. However, a test drive is rarely more than half an hour long, which can severely limit the kind of experience you can have in the car you are considering the purchase of.

A rental offers a longer time frame that will allow you to really get to know the ins and outs of your potential car, allowing you to make a truly informed decision. With a rental, you will be able to travel the streets you normally traverse through the course of your day. This will give you a realistic picture of what it would be like to navigate and park with the luxury car you are contemplating.

Although in this way a rental is highly preferable to a test drive, a rental isn’t always a practical or possible choice. Often, consumers who are comparing different luxury cars are interested in the hottest, newest cars on the market. These kinds of vehicles are often in great demand, which means that they are not likely to make it onto the lot at your local rental outlet. In these cases, try to get your dealer to allow you a longer test drive than the average customer. Occasionally, a salesperson will be willing to let you try a luxury car for up to twenty four hours. So even if a rental isn’t an option, you may still be able to give to take it out for a good spin!

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