Had An Accident and Not Your Fault?

Need a helping hand?

Prestige Auto Body Smash Repairs are luxury vehicle repairers. We have a special offer for clients who are the not-at-fault drivers in a multi-vehicle accident. Find out if you are eligible for our expert help!

 Genuine caring service! We can offer you Insurance Claim assistance, no cost car replacement and outstanding smash repairs. All you need in one place. 

Find out if you are eligible for our help!

We deal with all Insurance Companies

If you want a better payout leave it with us!

Here is how you benefit!

We take on the Insurance Company so you get a better payout!

If the Not-At-Fault Driver we can give you a no-cost replacement vehicle.

Prestige Auto Body complete outstanding,100% guaranteed smash repairs for you.

You Could Not Choose A Better Smash Repair Service!

Prestige Auto Body Smash Repairs has a fine reputation!

What are the advantages of calling Prestige Autobody Smash Repairs?

  • Anxiety Free Process
  • NO COST TO YOU replacement car -under a “credit hire” basis
  • Independent accredited assessors
  • Outstanding luxury smash repair experts
  • Quick settlement
  • Much better payout than insurance companies usually offer
  • No Upfront Costs
  • 24hr towing assistance
  • Genuine caring staff
  • We only take a small set fee WHEN we get you a successful outcome

What You Might Experience If You Go It Alone After An Accident!

  • You will possibly be overwhelmed when dealing with insurance companies
  • Struggle to find a quality smash repairer alone
  • Be directed to a repairer that is in partnership with insurance company
  • You may experience major holdups in reaching a settlement
  • Will have to pay for a rental car while your vehicle is in a repair shop
  • Your payout may not be enough to replace your vehicle
  • Find it costly paying for towing
  • You might suffer from anxiety and stress

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