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by | Apr 12, 2022 | Blog

As we finally exit lockdowns it is essential to reevaluate any changes to your insurance that you made during the pandemic.

Working from home and traveling less have caused a lot of drivers to reduce their car insurance policies to save money.

49% of respondents in a recent survey said they plan on utilizing greener transport solutions like increasingly popular E-scooters to travel to work or around their local community as they are traveling shorter distances.

About 51% of global drivers intend to travel less than they did before the pandemic even as lockdowns ease. The sentiment may not be accurate though as the rates of driving have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Holding the mindset that you are traveling less than before lockdown if that’s not accurate not may lead to drivers being underinsured and result in them having to fork out huge amounts in the event of an accident.

A tonne of drivers has been left with extreme charges because they were under-covered due to changes they made during the lockdown. Many insurance providers offer a pay as you drive plan which can be a great way to reduce your expenses without reducing your coverage if you are in fact driving less.

“With the pandemic creating a backlog for most businesses, adding the option of choosing your own repairer to your insurance means you can select a repairer who often has less of a waiting time and is selected by you rather than the repairer chosen by the insurance company.
It’s often 10% of your premium to add the option of choosing your repairer to your policy. Choosing your own repairer means you can get higher quality or specialized repairs for no or low out of pocket costs.

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