Hi Ben

Here is the testimonial for Prestige that I said I would send through for our repairs we’ve had done.

Dear Raffi, Ben and the team at Prestige Auto body repair,

I just wanted to give these guys a massive wrap in regards to a couple of repairs they have done for us in the last 12 months.

The main one I want to briefly mention is last year I had an accident where a large branch from a tree fell and shattered my windscreen while I was driving as well as causing considerable scratches and damage to the paint work all over the car.

At the time I was with AAMI (big mistake) and I was required to get two quotes. I got one from a repaired who I had used in the past and as I needed a 2nd I got given a couple of names from AAMI and chose Prestige not thinking that we would be using them anyway.

As it turned out there was a complete disconnect between the two quotes given. The 1st repairer was quoting just under $2k and the quote was incomplete meaning that it wasn’t going to order the proper windscreen that was required for the car nor were they completing with the proper paint finish to match the rest of the car.

Prestige’s quote was just under $8k but this was for a complete quote and spared no inch in regards to checking out every little detail that needed to be attended to.

Unfortunately AAMI forced us to go with the 1st repairer. Raffi said let him do the work and if the job isn’t done to pre accident condition then come back and we will go back to the insurer and get your car back to pre-accident condition.

As it happened we received the car back and it hadn’t been properly done. Prestige helped us battle with the insurer for a reassessment of the vehicle and after having to go to the GM of AAMI to state the negligence of what had been done by them we finally got the go ahead for Raffi and the team at Prestige to undertake the work on the car.

We were given a courtesy car in the meantime while we were waiting as it was quite a big job that needed to be redone but within 2-3 weeks we had our car back and it was back to its glistening best prior to the accident.

I would just like to say thank you to them as they went above and beyond what was required and provided help and advice for what was right for us.

Since then we have also changed providers to CGU as having a luxury car we wanted to have the choice of who did our repairs and we no longer have to get two quotes.

For anyone wanting or needing a quality service and repair work I would thoroughly recommend Prestige Auto Body Repair to anyone and wouldn’t consider taking my car anywhere else these days.

I know I will get the car repaired right the first time with them.


Anjay Zazulak

Founder of Aussie Property Brokers